[Action] V - Tous Les Deux

Premier: 06.02.2009  Duration: 50 minutes

Action (Praxi) is unpredictable and irreversible. Against these two frailties, humans have found two solutions: promising and forgiveness.
Hannah Arendt

…The dream, then, is to get beyond not only the number one – the number that determines unity, of body or of self – but also beyond the number two, which determines difference, antagonism, and exchange conceived of as merely the coming together of opposites. That this dream is perhaps impossible is suggested. Its power remains, however, because the desire it embodies is a desire for both endless complication and creative movement.
Susan Rubin Suleiman

* [Praxis] V belongs to the series Praxis (Actions). In 2008, the solo works [Action] 3 & [Action] 1.3 were awarded with the Jarmila Jeřábková choreography award, during the New Europe Festival 2008 in Prague.

Praxis V has been also presented: Adundance 2010 Festival - Karlstad, 4th Contemporary Dance Platform - Athens Concert Hall, New Europe Festival 2009 - Prague, Meetings 2009 - Benaki Museum, 1st Contemporary Dance Festival - Serres, Filippi Festival - Kavala


Choreographed by: Maria Koliopoulou

Performed by: Nikoleta Karmiri, Maria Koliopoulou

Dramaturgue: Katerina Iliopoulou Costumes: Adonis Volanakis Music: Yannis Isidorou Light designer: Thomas Economacos Production director: Dimitra Kritikidi