Premier: 31.01.2008  Duration: 55 minutes

An experimental, movement based performance always in the process of self-generation. An open-ended dance work strongly connected to its landscape.
It consists of three solo works and it is available for touring as a whole or each solo separately.

A triptych performed in a powerfully alive environment.
The idea finds its expression in an unfolding series of shifting images, which form and dissolve, build up tension and discharge it.
The figures, in motion and in stillness, attempt to individuate from the landscape only to surrender back to it again.

Description of work

As the work is always in the process of being formed, it is compositionally an open network of several interacting planes. Its identity as an ever developing dance piece is constituted by a fluid, network of overlapping/ interlocking strands and elements, the structure of which is being redefined from presentation to presentation, always subject to modulation as other systems act upon it.

Key phrases:

  • The persistent rotation around the core of movement
  • The body as an entity in possession of its own mysterious knowledge
  • The symbolic body of dreams


Choreographed by: Maria Koliopoulou

Performed by: Maria Koliopoulou, Nikoleta Karmiri, Vaggelis Artemis

Music/Sound designer: Yannis Isidorou Dramaturg: Katerina Iliopoulou Light designer: Thomas Ekonomacos Set designers: Maria Koliopoulou, Vaggelis Artemis Costume designers: Despina Makarouni, Vaggelis Artemis Set constructors: Manolis Tsiaparas, Stefanos Balakos Mask constructor: Yannis Grigoriadis Production director: Dimitra Kritikidi Public relations: Maro Papadopoulou