Premier: 06.10.2005  Duration: 60 minutes

"A scientific experiment on genetic manipulated laboratory subjects"

Within the framework of the collaboration between Prosxima and international choreographers, this dance theatre performance was presented in Athens and in Salzburg with a mixed cast of both companies.

Altera Pars Theatre, Athens
Arge Kultur, Salzburg


Choreographed by: Editta Braun

Performed by: Barbara Motschiunik, Erich Rudolf, Jianan Qu, Maria Koliopoulou, Stella Zannou, Maro Papadopoulou (Ariadne Pabst)

Music: Thierry Zaboitzeff Storyboard: Joey Wimplinger Visual Effects: Hannes Klein Costumes: Marion Hackl Choreographer's assistant: Agnieszka Obuchowicz Light designer: Thomas Hinterberger