A_Part Until death do us...

Premier: 24.01.2004  Duration: 55 minutes

The work deals with the archetypical relations between women and men: The anxiety to grip violently and lastingly the one you love "until death do you...a_part"

1st Contemporary Dance Platform, Megaron - Athens Music Hall
Athens Fine Arts School - Movement Workshop to the students of Yannis Psychopaidis atelier
Topos Allou Theatre
1st Mediterranean Dance Platform, Chania
3rd Dance Festival - Greek Choreographers' Association / Roes Theatre


Choreographed by: Maria Koliopoulou, Dimitra Kritikidi, Stella Zannou

Performed by: Yannis Avakoumidis, Maria Koliopoulou, Dimitra Kritikidi, Vasilis Lampropoulos (Thanasis Solomos), Manel Arisa Prieto, Peggy Psychogiou, Stella Zannou

Music: Nikos Arvanitis Set/Costume designer/Make up: Yannis Yannoulis Light designer: Linos Meitanis