[Action] 8 - Singularity

Premier: 20.03.2010  Duration: 45 minutes

...We lean forward – we the audience – physically forward, for the fervent rotation of the dancers creates gravity. We take control of ourselves, we straighten up, we lean forward again and thus the performance exercises its influence on us right to the end...

Nina Vangeli
Dance zone magazine
May 2010

Through the [actions] series, the choreographer, Maria Koliopoulou, has been crystallising her choreographic intent and ways in which she pproaches dance compositions. She seeks to create open works that invite audience participation. The stage area takes the form of an installation, revealing eclectic links to the visual arts.

[action] 8 - Singularity is a duet on the constant shifting of states of the individual searching for their "own branch of the inviolate".

The work has been successfully presented at the 2nd Festival of contemporary dance in Serres, at the Duncan Theatre in Prague and at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival.


Choreographed by: Maria Koliopoulou

Performed by: Nikoleta Karmiri, Evgenia Sigalou

Sound: Yannis Isidorou Set: Konstanzia Sarafianou Costumes: Adonis Volanakis Light Designer: Thomas Economakos Photos:Vojtěch Brtnický Production Director: Dimitra Kritikidi